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If your kid hates wearing underwear, the mornings can be a mess. While you fight with your kid to put their underwear on, it might seem as though this is just another quirk you have to deal with. Sort of like how they need the blue sippy cup rather than the red one at dinner. But your child may not just be searching for a reason to throw another tantrum. The real problem may be that their underwear is just not comfortable. 
If you live in place with varying seasons, Halloween weather can be a toss up. Growing up in the Northeast I can can tell you there was all kinds of trick-or-treating weather. I can remember one year in particular when it was freezing cold, and I wore a hooded sweatshirt underneath my Dracula costume. If you looked at me quickly I could have been mistaken as a boxer, with my "bloody" mouth and my big gray sweats.    
My son turns three in a few months, and finally, after months of making excuses, we’re going all in with underwear. He’s been using the potty on and off since he turned 2. But experience with my first told me to wait until I knew he was really ready to get rid of the diapers completely. There is nothing more discouraging than having to run out to buy some diapers after you swore you had gone through your last pack ever. 
Layering clothing doesn’t have to be just for the winter.

After my oldest son was born, it was apparent pretty quickly that regular baby soap irritated his skin. He got dry patches of eczema soon after he started getting baths, even when the baths were infrequent. We switched to using a baby soap/shampoo that was designed for kids with sensitive skin. It was better but still not great. So I made the decision to stop using the soap on his body altogether.

My oldest son turns 5 in October, and today had his last swimming lesson of the summer. It’s midway through August and the back-to-school blog articles are in full force on my Facebook news feed. This year, when it comes to back-to-school obligations, I’m still sitting out and watching as other parents get in the school groove. As my son’s last year of preschool kicks off, my emotions about the subject are still buried underneath knowing that I have just one more year of my boy being truly little.
When shopping for back to school, it’s easy for you and your kids to get distracted by the trendy pieces of clothing. Those ones that they wear on the first day of school but never quite look that good again. It’s almost like the moment you take the tags off, the timer starts ticking for when they are either out of style, stained, or just not the same after a few washes.
If you want your clothes to last as long as possible, it’s important to understand which variables can affect them in the wash. One big one is water temperature. Clothes are made from different materials, and water temperature should not be the same for everything. Here’s a quick breakdown of which temperature works best in which laundry situation. 
There really is no authority on how often you should buy your kids new underwear and why. In fact, when I was poking around the internet, I found a lot of moms asking other moms how often they buy. Underwear isn’t really a popular topic among parents during a play date. So I took to Facebook and put it out there. I asked a group of my own mom friends from across the country, how often they buy their kids undies and why. Here are some of the responses I got:

When do kids start dressing themselves? Like every part of child development, the timing varies, and they can do different tasks at different times. Generally, by the time your child is 5, they can dress themselves start to finish without supervision, but there are many steps along the way to help them get there. Here are a few milestones and general ages when kids tend to hit them:

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